I am SMOKED! And it feels like Monday again, WTH?

Actually it felt like Sunday but I have work so it then felt like a Monday! Two Mondays in one week?!?! Sigh! I hope everyone had a great 4th of July. We didn’t do much. Watched the parade, lounged around, cleaned house and ate sub-par. ☠ Below are a couple of parade pics. I’m not a photographer, just an iPhone pic snapper.

I knew I was in for it at the BOOM BOX. Our Skill Strength was 8 x 20 yd Flying Sprints. I know what sprints are but I’ve never heard of flying sprints. I know I don’t have wings so unless Coach had magic fairy dust to help us sprout some I was lost! Ends up you get about 10 yds to build up to FULL ON SPRINT, then you carry that on for 20 seconds. We did 8 rounds and the whole time really focused on good form and good starts. It was a good WAKE UP SHAKE UP.

7/5/12 WOD

MetCon: 15 minute AMRAP of 5 Push Press, 20 Lunges. RX weight was 85lbs and I’m pretty sure my max Push Press is 85lbs so Coach had me work at 65lbs. After looking through the ol’ blog, my push press max is 90lbs. So I’m sure I could have added more weight but I really felt like 65lbs was a good weight when you’re talking about a 15 min AMRAP! The real death blow were the 20 lunges. That’s 20 lunges total, not 20 each leg, THANK GOODNESS but it was still insane. You use your legs quite a bit in the Push Press and combo that with Lunges! You catch on FIRE fast! Literally in round 3 I thought HOW IN THE HELL AM I GOING TO GO MORE and in that thought and thinking of how sucky I ate, I sucked up my inner baby and just went. Somewhere around my 6th round the FIRE disappeared, well it didn’t really disappear but I stopped thinking about it. And I just charged through. 15 minutes is a long time!

Final: 14 rounds 2 Push Press. (Note: I really pushed here. Typically when there’s like 10 seconds left I struggle with getting the bar up and just sit there struggling with the bar till time expires but today I really broke some barriers by getting that bar up and pushing out those 2 presses!)

Bonus: Although it’s not the full lift recorded and it’s only one rep, I did have a video fairy catch part of my Clean & Jerk from last weekend’s OLY Class. You miss the whole “CLEAN” part and just see me coming out of the squat though. Nothing magical here but at least you can see me doing work and I’m not randomly blogging about made up crap 🙂

One week till my much anticipated vacation! And for some reason I’m a glutton for eating bad lately. Is it because I’m on vacation mode already? I have no idea. But I should be on lock down. Eating clean as possible until departure and even through most of vacation. Let me be clear, I haven’t thrown everything out the window and just on EAT mode. Instead I’m ruining it with little things but ruining it none the less. Big SIGH! I’m really trying for this week to just be like I’ve always been: Eat clean 90-95% of the time and not try to sabotage myself! We’ll see how it goes. I really already don’t want to be in swim attire as it is, I know I REALLY won’t want to be if I keep letting the little things ruin my eating!

Happy 2nd Monday folks. Tomorrow is FRIDAY and I’m ready for the weekend!! Be AWESOME!!!

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