Just checking in. I tried getting this blog out yesterday before we boarded our plane but that just didn’t happen!

It was kind of awesome when we landed because Ernie walks off the plane wearing a CrossFit shirt and the first person he sees says “you’re in the wrong location guy, the Games are in Cali! That is the CrossFit Games for you all who don’t know. That was a low blow police officer! Turns out the guy found us at baggage claim, chatted it up with us about CrossFit and invited us to his box Crossfit Maui Extreme. We are staying a bit out of the way from there so not sure if we’ll make it out there but hopefully we can.

This morning is holy crap I don’t like adjusting to time zone changes. Granted its only a five hour difference here in Maui than from home but when you wake up at 2am ready to go its hard to go back to sleep. Managed to stay down till 4 ish then Ernie and I went outside to walk around. By 5 we were ants in our pants and starving but didn’t want to wake up the family. So we took off for McDonalds…. Gasp…. For wifi and maybe coffee. Thank GOODNESS a local coffee shop in the same center Hawaiian Village Cofee had it’s door open! The Shop doesn’t open till 6 but took us in anyways!!! The Kona Blend is quite tasty and there was a Raw Energy Ball full of yumminess that we ordered. So much better thank Mickey Ds! This place is my ideal way of living. I want this cute coffee shop!!! Laid back, chill, cool art, good music, free wifi, perfect size and a nice variety of foods. Can I get a do-over in life?

Not sure what our plans will be for today but who cares, I’m in my happy place!

Turns out I have been writing intermittently on and off to get this post finished. After our coffee and some grocery shopping we had some eggs and bacon and headed out to Lahaina Crossfit!!! Pulled up to a good size crowd. By the time we started there were at least 40 folks ready to do some work. The warm up was familiar to us as we do a lot of the same things. Also similar was a team workout for the Saturday WOD. I found two girls who needed a 3rd person and the rest was a beating! Turns out this was a first time WOD for my teammates and holy moly I’m surprised they didn’t turn around an head for the hills after seeing the whiteboard.

100 of each of the following movements divided amongst the team: wall balls, pull ups, cleans (65lbs), front squats (65lbs), kb swings, and a med ball run around the loop (which was FOREVER)!!! My team kicked ass! The new girls did awesome and pushed hard and I really think they loved it!! Time 33:30! It was a lot of work and so much fun. We’ll be dropping in all week and we got some kickass shirts too! I was amped all day and really felt good. I ran the best I think I have ever run (Thanks Coach, since I’m always hating on the running at home).

We had a great day but I won’t drag this blog out much more. My whole start was to recap my Park WOD AND Fridays BOOM Box fun. I’m passing on the park WOD So here’s Fridays recap.

Boom Friday
It was all about hanging out with the pull up bar…. Yikes, my nemesis! Skill/ Strength was Bar Muscle Ups. I used to do these as a kid all of the time on the playground but at 34 years old not so much! I had to stand Ina 30″ box stacked with three 45 lb plates and one 25 lb plate and have coach still give me a boost! I did mange to get up though with all that assistance. Whew!

MetCon: Death by Toes to Bar! Yup that’s right folks! Suckity suck suck! I managed to get 5 rounds in. I almost completed 6 rounds but just didn’t get that 6th rep. Since coach still wanted us to get more work in we worked up to round 10 on the floor. We laid down put are hands to the wall and had to lift our legs to the wall. That I can do! It was killer on the abs but I didn’t have to hang from the bar!

Alrighty then, blogging from phone sucks! And it took me almost two days to complete. Not sure if I’ll keep it up but we’ll see. Have a fabulous day, afternoon, evening! Be awesome!!






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