it is what it is

Holy moly… After yesterdays fatigue on the good ol’ TRICEPS I thought they would be dead but they were not. It’s my chest and rotator cuffs (maybe) that are FRIED. Which in turn probably hindered me this morning at the BOOM Box.

Our scheduled programming was … drum roll please … CROSSFIT TOTAL! I recall sometime in my early days of CrossFit that I did this once. I could not find it written down or blogged anywhere. And I can’t recall for the life of me what I did. Today however was loud and clear. I had high hopes and left with disappointment then came to terms with it and hope that in 8 weeks when we do this again that I’ll have higher numbers.

8/31/12 WOD

For all my lovely readers who don’t know what CFT is then I’ll explain. You do 1 Rep Max of Back Squat, Press and Deadlift. You get 3 attempts at each movement to get the biggest lift. At the end you add up your lifts and voila, whatever number you have is your CrossFit Total.

With each movement we started out with a solid warm up at lighter weights. I have been struggling with Back Squat recently and decided to do my 1st attempt 135lbs which lower than my current PR. My 2nd attempt was at 145lbs (current PR) and I used a weight belt which was wonderful! I felt really good at 145lbs. So I jumped to 155 for my 3rd attempt. Got down to the bottom and gave everything I had to get up but couldn’t do it.

With Press I was feeling a 5lb PR was on it’s way and boy oh boy was I wrong. I didn’t eve get to my current PR which was really lame-o. I had trouble with getting my breathing timed right with the press. 65 seemed simple. 70 was HARD today.

We finish with Deadlift. Dude I’ve been stuck at 185 Deadlift for what seems like FOREVER! Today was going to be the day to break it. But NOOOOO! 195 was not budging. I guess my LIES to myself aren’t good enough yet. But they will be and I will finally move some weight DAMN IT!

With all of that said and explained, KNOW this isn’t a poor poor petri session. This is a I GET it and I MISSED it today but I’m NOT giving up or throwing in the towel or even settling for being subpar. Just gotta move on and work harder!

I will say I witnessed and have been reading FB posts of other BOOM Box ladies AND they are killing it! PR Factory at the BOOM! Even though I’m a little envious, I’m super proud of them all! Way to go LADIES, and MEN too if you are crushing it. I can tell you it’s truly amazing to see the progress in everyone and I hope to find some strength from that!

It’s the weekend y’all! Football and REST for us. Go ARLINGTON THUNDER! Yay for 3 DAY WEEKENDS! If you’re local…. BOOM BOX COMMUNITY WOD 9am MONDAY!!!!!! COME OUT and PLAY with US! and BE so AWESOME that it makes others sick!

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