Womp Womp!


Argh, this morning my stomach was not feeling settled and I chose not to go to the BOOM Box. In the end I felt fine a couple of hours later and now I sit here wishing I had been able to go. Ah well, it is what it is. I still have Saturday’s workout to recap and of course I will break down my Whole30 weekend. Still going strong and my book came in โ€“ It Starts With Food by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig (founders of Whole30). I’m about halfway through and if this book can’t convict you to change how you eat then you just don’t care about much at all including yourself. Harsh? YES. I know it is but they really make all the “science-y” stuff make sense to those of us who aren’t well read in how our body functions.

1/12/13 WOD
Let me get to Saturday’s workout before I forget all that we did! It was actually humid and not so cold and we did our MetCon outside. I wish today was humid and semi-warm but it’s not!
MetCon: 10 minute AMRAP of 1 minute of Air Squats and Straight and 1 minute of Straight Legged Sit Ups.
Of course it doesn’t sound horrible but give it a whirl trying to get as many reps as possible and your legs will be all jelly-like! And I promise my ABS are still sore today. I started off strong and really slowed down midway. Bad idea. I tried to pick it back up for the last minute but not good enough. Total reps: 261

Skill/Strength: Open Skill Session
Work on your weaknesses is what I say! So I worked on Snatch. It’s been a while since I’ve really done any Snatch work so it was back to the basics for me. I didn’t try to put any weight on the bar, just work on technique.

Whole30 Days 10-13
As I mentioned last week Day 10 lunch was comprised of leftovers and I also finished the day with a dinner of leftovers. I didn’t feel like making anything fresh which was fine by me because I was tired due to my lack of sleep from the night before.

1/11/13 Lunch

1/11/13 Lunch (notice my book!)

Day 11
Of course, NO PRE-WORKOUT meal. And I hung around the BOOM Box for too long after to make any use of a Post Workout Meal, well at least in my opinion. I know BAD FORM but I made sure my breakfast was legit and full of all the things I needed. Besides heating up some spinach with my Shredded Pork it was more leftovers. I have plenty! Egg Muffins by the way are great reheated! I’m getting rather boring with the leftovers, but I make sure it’s a little bit of everything.

For dinner I remembered I had some bone broth in the fridge that must be utilized so I took some chicken leftovers, cut up some sweet potato, carrots, kale, mushrooms and scallions. Tossed it all in a pot and let it boil then simmer until sweet potatoes and carrots were soft. Now let me tell you, I eat Kale, and I try to find crafty ways to cook it but it’s still not my FAVE veggie. I know it’s packed full of goodness but it’s on the lower end of veggies I will CHOOSE to eat. In soup however Kale is less intrusive on my taste buds and definitely easier to eat. With that said, I’m still trying to integrate Kale into my life more often. The soup was delicious and I wish I had made more but really it was enough. I was plenty satiated when it was all said and done.

1/12/13 Dinner - Chicken soup deliciousness

1/12/13 Dinner – Chicken soup deliciousness

Day 12
We were in a hurry to get out of the house since we slept in longer than we should have. I had more Egg Muffins with some veggies and reheated chicken. Scooped it down and we were on the road. For those of you new to the blog, we travel about 35 miles south of where we live every Sunday and pick up our grassfed beef, pastured chicken, pastured pork and pastured chicken eggs. We could make one trip a month or two times a month but it’s fun and we’ve become friends with the folks that work there. So it’s a field trip to a great little place called Burgandy Pasture Beef. Every now and then we also eat lunch there. They only serve Burgers and Frankfurters but they are delicious, and we eat ours bunless!

Sneaky Ernie taking pictures of me looking over some asparagus. Ended up being a colorful shot so I thought I'd share it!

Sneaky Ernie taking pictures of me looking over some asparagus. Ended up being a colorful shot so I thought I’d share it!

After we finished our shopping for the day, we headed over to my dad’s house. He had leftover pancake breakfast foods to share and well I couldn’t partake but I brought the last of my pulled pork, kale and broccoli and a few macadamia nuts, Whole30 says these are the best nuts to eat, good cause they are my faves! I also made more Egg Muffins, Kale included, to share with my dad. Hopefully he likes them. I have to get him on track to a healthier life so he can stick with us a little longer! It’s a hard task though. For dinner, I used up the last of my spaghetti squash I had saved in the fridge. Added some kale, poured pasta/meat sauce and dinner is served. I also had a kiwi to go along with it. I think I’ve done GOOD in the eat more kale department! While I was heating up my dinner I was also prepping today’s breakfast/lunch. By now I’m tired of prepping. Yup, it’s gotten old and I wish I had someone to do it for me. I know I can’t let it bring me down but as of last night I just was blah about it all. Ernie jumped in to help while I ate my dinner. He was a little worried at his slicing and dicing skills. NO they weren’t the way I would have done it but I was relieved to have a small load taken off my shoulders. Thank you kind sir!

Day 13
Whew, I’ve made it this far and I’ve done well, in my opinion at least. I made some broccoli to go with the chicken I roasted last night and the sweet potatoes I also cooked up. I had some of the sweet potatoes this morning with a hardboiled egg and some pork belly. I wasn’t really all that hungry due to my stomach being all weird but I ate anyways. Gotta keep the food habits in place. As always the day of, I’m not sure what dinner will be but I know it will be good. I may make more chicken soup. I think the kids will enjoy it as much as I did. I also gotta get some beef bone broth going. Maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow, we’ll see!

MOODI’m pretty sure feeling great is here to stay. I would typically take a nap on a Sunday but yesterday I was not tired. Only the boredom of monotony got me last night, but that’s a mental thing. A lazy thing. Other than my stomach feeling woosy this morning, which could be attributed to a number of things I suppose, I feel spectacular. And guess what?


My fat girl pants that were borderline snug are dramatically loose again. It takes time folks. And you must find patience. All in a matter of 13 days. It’s amazeballs!


It Starts With Food
I’m only halfway through the book so I’m not going to review it now, and I’m not really sure how well I can review a book. I’m wordy but the book is so good so far, I’m afraid a review from me won’t do it justice. As soon as I’m finished with it, I’ll think it over again. I do highly recommend it though. The Hartwigs do a great job in breaking it all down, giving you food for thought and have nice testimonials from folks that have been really “sick” and have either eliminated their sicknesses or on the way to eliminating them! Reading the book also gives me great backup to not screw this Whole30 up.

Now I know why I could eat a whole bag of OREOS! It Starts With Food, Dallas and Melissa Hartwig

Now I know why I could eat a whole bag of OREOS! It Starts With Food, Dallas and Melissa Hartwig

And holy guacamole it’s Monday again! Hope you all make the best of it! Remember last week I encouraged you to make a change, even it if it was a baby change? How are y’all doing? Did you ditch the chemically flavored beverages? Cut out sugar? Make a vow to eat breakfast finally? If not, let’s try it again! Make one small change. It doesn’t even have to be food related. Spend 10 minutes in scripture, meditation, whatever, just do something new. Try and make it a habit. Do something for you! And of course be AWESOME at it.



8 thoughts on “Womp Womp!

  1. I think EVERYONE should read ISWF. You seriously cannot unlearn that stuff that you read in there, so even when I eat my junky foods on a cheat meal, I know soo much better lol. However, it also made me even more judgmental of others.. hmm..

    Anywho, I thought the title was leading to a failed Whole30, but girl, you’re going so strong!! Sooo happy for you, and sounds like this was just the right kick in the butt that you needed!! Keep going!!

    • I know about ISWF, it’s crazy and I had so many AHA moments and I’m not even close to being done! I too have become judgmental of others more than ever. Even when I’m eating poorly I still frown upon those who I KNOW are not making wise food choices ever. I can’t stand being that way but I’ve become a crazy in that way. I literally want to walk up to people, shake them and educate them!

      And yes the kick in the butt is finally in full effect. I hope it can stay this way. I’m super torn on dairy right now. ISWF has really shut me down in regards to me and my boys. UGH. Decisions Decisions!

      • Haha.. totally the same about shaking people and educating them.. especially people in the lunch room. Ugh.. heating up their Healthy Choice soups, or Lean cuisines.. Argg.. EAT REAL FOOD. ๐Ÿ˜‰
        I think the difference between me eating junk and others eating junk is that I eat the real way 90% of the time; so just fill a void with the junk; where others think that’s just an okay way to eat. Maybe.

        I think butter is acceptable in the after Whole30 life.. other than that; I guess listen to your body. I can’t do whole milk or ice cream without getting crampy, but cheese doesn’t bother me at all, so I use it as an extra fat/protein.

      • I know with all the microwavable lunches/dinners! Or the soy whatever, or the low fat whatever! Makes me bonkers.

        I’m all about the butter, even whole low pasteurized, grass feed milk. But they really got me to thinking about the hormonal damage it may do to you. I think with my new found love for ghee, I can forgo butter. But milk for the kiddos, on the fence even though I know what the book preaches.

    • Hehehe, still going strong. I know I won’t be perfect on Days 31 and beyond but I definitely believe I have a better foundation than when I started Paleo back in 2011 and hopefully will make better choices all around.

      And yes “fat” girl pants are lose which means my everday clothes should start reappearing. Thank GOODNESS!

    • The only way I can really enjoy Kale happily is cooked in bacon grease and now in chicken soup. It wasn’t half bad in the egg muffins, after it was sauteed with shallots, garlic and ghee! I just stuff it down. I do prefer spinach ๐Ÿ˜€

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