Where to start, where to start! It was a long day on Saturday full of football, chilly weather and then BARBELLS FOR BOOBS! I was running way late due to football running long. As Ernie would say “She’ll be late to her own funeral!” But I was booking it the best I could!

It was a great turnout for the B4B event! Everyone was killing it and having a blast. My oldest kiddo Jonas had already done Grace by the time I got there but he finished in 3:06 doing 85lbs! So proud of him and how far he’s come strength wise. And so JEALOUS! All the ladies had already gone by the time I was warmed up except for Mel. I knew Mel would kill it as she is SUPERWOMAN. I was just hoping to finish! I did the RX weight of 85lbs and knocked out 10 so fast, I was excited and then I hit a wall. A wall of suck! Time 6:06 (I think, something close) Two things plagued me – 1. not pacing myself better and 2. Not eating pretty much all day. I had 2 sausage rolls, and a bag of Cheddar Sour Cream chips with Nacho cheese sauce on them… besides being super unhealthy and gross sounding, they ended up being really tasty and definitely a FIRST for me as far as eating cheesed up chips out of the bag. I must have looked so sad and pathetic. Thank you all again who donated to Barbells For Boobs! Our team earned a little over $700 which is great! You can still donate if you wish, right here!

After B4B we chowed down on some protein and veggies. And boy oh boy was it good! I had marinated some fajita meat and some chicken breasts and thanks to our GrillMaster Josh, everything came out great. The chicken was the big hit so for those of you who tasted it and wanted to know what I used to season it here it is:
Please note, I have a heavy hand with spices and I don’t measure! I used: chili powder, himalayan salt, pepper, cumin, garlic powder, lemon pepper. I mixed it in a small bowl then I rubbed it onto chicken thoroughly. I really put some love into that chicken, haha. I then put some olive oil, red wine vinegar and chicken broth in a gallon zip lock bag. If I were to guess, I’d say it was about 2tbs or less of olive oil, a few shakes of the vinegar and maybe a 1/4 cup of chicken broth. Plopped the chicken in bag, sealed it up and gave it a good shake. Left in fridge till it was time to go. It probably marinated a good 8 hours. It was cooked perfectly and tasted FANTASTIC!

After we stuffed our faces a few of us were still hanging around so we challenged each other to on the spot WODs. Sherry and I were teammates and not sure how we would fare against all the BOYS! Of course Jonas was ready to challenge his mama and that he did. We had a list of movements on the whiteboard. His team picked two Movements, Coach came up with the workout and then we negotiated from there. Well we had Deadlifts and Cleans. The weight was 75lbs for us ladies and 115lbs for the guys. It was going to be a 7 minute AMRAP of 10 DLs and 5 Cleans. There were 3 people on Jonas’ team and only two of us which I was thinking was UNFAIR, HAHAH! So with the help of Travis we threw out a 50 Double Under buy in. They accepted and 3-2-1 GO. I did DUs faster than I have ever done them before. I knew I had to because with us only having 2 people vs their 3 I knew we’d have to get in a lead. We managed 10 rounds 4 reps and led by 1 round the whole time until the END, they somehow caught us and beat us by 5 reps 😦 womp womp! It was fine though, I was still beat from GRACE and then we just did more cleans and a bunch of DLs. After that we watched the boys challenge each other. It was a good time. I hope we do more nights like that!

Today’s WOD
Holy Shitakes it was COLD this morning. Probably not cold for you folks in the North but cold for me! 36°, brrrrr. A good wake up call is taking a 400m run and breathing in all that cold air! But after eating BREADS on Sunday all the cold air in the world wasn’t going to clear my brain.

Skill/Strength: 3 x 3 Back Squat at 90% of 1 RM. Now if I did my math right, and by that I mean use my 1RM for Back Squat, I should have worked up to 130lbs and started my sets there. But with my BAGEL brain, I calculated off my 1RM DEADLIFT!

Who does that? This girl does! So I’m STILL WARMING up and was thinking 125lbs was a lil heavy but suck it up. Moved up to 135lbs, A LIL HEAVIER and then jumped to 155lbs and managed 1 REP. I’m thinking I still have to get up to at least 165lbs and that is NOT gonna happen. Well DODO brain me realizes at the same time Coach is looking at our MAX whiteboard that I’m doing the wrong weights and I just PR’d my BACK SQUAT! WOWOW DON’T EAT BREAD/JUNK, IT F**** YOUR BRAIN UP! I did however put in some extra work into those Back Squats!

MetCon: 12 minute AMRAP of 5 Chest to Bar Pull Ups, 10 Clapping Push Ups and 15 Jumping Air Squats. Well shitfire, are you kidding me? I got some bands on the bar for my Pull Ups and attempted some Clapping Push Ups and figured I just had to go the best I could. My first round of banded CTB Pull Ups weren’t too bad and the first round of Push Ups were awkward but I made it through, Kudos to all of you that can do them, THEY SUCK! Jumping Air Squats were fine at first but I was so winded by the end everything just hurt. By my third round of CTB Pull Ups I was struggling so Coach modified me to 8 Pull Ups vs. 5 CTB ones. That helped a little but not much. I was also given the option to not have to CLAP on the push ups but I didn’t take that option so I kept on with the Clapping Push Ups. Final: 4 rounds + 8 Pull Ups + 10 Clapping Push Ups. I WAS BEAT!

Needless to say I’m sore, tired, cold, and in a brain fog. I hope you all are faring much better than I. Looking forward to a healthier WEEK and just getting back to AWESOME. Have an amazing Monday folks!