The Mondays

I have a bad case of it. It most likely stems from the fact it’s spring break and I have to be at work while my kiddos get a week off from school. They always ask if I get spring break too but every year I have to disappoint them and say NO I don’t get days off like that. I have to “earn” my vacation by weekly accrual. So that’s no fun. Traffic was light so that helps but I definitely have a bad case of the Mondays! So bad I didn’t even want to hit up the BOOM Box for my WOD, but Ernie reminded me “if you want to get better, you can’t skip”. TRUE STORY!

Unwillingly I drove myself to the box. I was much better after I got stretched and warmed up. But I wasn’t quite ready for the mile run that was slated for the day. I HATE RUNNING. All you regulars know this and what a way to start off the week. ARGH! Before we hit up running we did Front Squats Deload. That wasn’t so bad. Still killer on the wrists but we did 5 (60lbs), 5 (65lbs) and 5 (70lbs). It went by pretty quickly and I’m happy to report I didn’t have any aches, tightness, etc. holding me back. It was also a light load so who knows.

3/12/12 WOD

Time for the run came too quickly. And today I was slower than normal. I just wasn’t feeling it. I know we all have those days but I was still disappointed in my time considering I’ve been keeping a mile between 8:10 and 8:30 and this morning it was 8:49! WTH! Slokey Pokey. But at least it’s done for the day. And hopefully we don’t have to run for a while! Hehehe. I’ll never enjoy running. And the day I do, y’all know it will be some kind of serious voodoo magic that came over me!

Our weekend consisted of more CrossFit with the Saturday Funday at the BOX. WE seem to always do a team WOD which is always ends up being a good time. I’m not sure everyone else agrees with me in that it’s a good time. There’s just something deranged about me that I enjoy all the working out! We had to do 3 rounds of 400 m run, 42 KB swings and 24 pullups. It’s so much easier when you share the load of the workout between 3 people! Except we all had to run the 400m :/ BOOOO! Hehehe. We then stick around and cheer on the remaining BOOM BEASTS to take on The CrossFit Games Open WOD. We are already done with 12.3! Only 2 left! Everyone did great. I wish I was more BEASTLY already so I could be competitive amongst the ranks. Coach mentioned this morning…. 2 weeks until we’re done and ready to train for next year! Ha, I need 3 a days or even 4 a days to make that possible! Maybe I’ll finally win that lottery and I’ll make CrossFit my job!

That will just have to be a dream for now as I don’t see that coming to fruition anytime soon! Hopefully my Monday doesn’t drag on forever and I hope yours doesn’t either. Have a good one!

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