Welcoming the COOLDOWN

The weather has been freakin AMAZEBALLS down here in Texas. Ya it’s still probably a little warm to everyone else but when you get out of the 100’s and into low 90’s high 80’s you’d think it was winter! That means our mornings are in the 50’s and 60’s. You can’t ask for better!

Saturday WOD
As most of you know we had a Community WOD at the BOOM BOX on Saturday. It was a filled with all sorts of fun. We started out with a contest of counting the weight on the barbell. We had a couple of rounds since only 3 people competed against each other at a time. They would be turned away from the barbell and Coach would load up the bar, 3, 2, 1 LOOK and be the first one to write the correct answer on the board. If you got the weight right but were not first you had to do 5 burpees. If you got the weight wrong you had to do 20 burpees. We went head to head till we had one winner. I made it to the final round winning 2 heats! I got panicked and rushed and got it wrong and ended up penalized with 20 burpees… BoooHoooo!

We then proceeded with a TEAM WOD. We had teams of 3 and 3 stations: Weighted Overhead Lunges, Chest to Bar Pull Ups (no assistance allowed) and Wall Balls. Well shitfire, I can’t do CTB Pull Ups so we’re screwed or so I thought. Turns out we don’t have to do all the stations which is great for me, but it sucks for whoever can do CTB because they have to double up on CTB. And I have to bust out the other movements to make up for my loser-ness. We did 3 rounds of the 3 minute stations and counted total reps. My legs are still dead from Wall Balls but we came in 1st place with 385 reps! Woooo Go us (Nick, Trenton and me)! ツ

9/10/12 WOD
Like I said my legs were still dead from the Wall Balls although I’m sure the Lunges have some factor in the achy legs too. Again with the weather it was so nice to get through our warm up and not be drenched in sweat!

9/10/12 WOD

Skill/Strength: 3 Front Squats + 1 Push Press (15 minutes to get as heavy as possible)I know my MAX Push Press is 100lbs so that was at least my goal for the morning. We steadily worked our way up in weight and when I got to 85lbs I felt some tightness near my underarm in the Push Press, it was NOT comfortable but I still got the weight up overhead. I’m not sure if this is because my rotator cuffs are fried or what but when I jumped up to 95lbs I just wasn’t making the cut. I was ok with where I was at because I knew I had pain and I didn’t want to make it worse and at the end I just couldn’t get the weight up. Need MORE Mobility!

MetCon: 3 rounds of 3 GTOH @ 85lbs, 8 Pull Ups, 1min rest
I wasn’t sure about doing the GTOH with the quickness but I was convinced I could do so. It wasn’t so bad but I was so focused on my shoulders being dead that I wasn’t JERKING the bar efficiently. I got to the pull ups last and well we all know I’m slow at pull ups so that didn’t help me out either. I was all ready to get to the bar FAST and realized no one else was doing anything! I forgot about the 1 minute REST!!! It was nice to have the rest but I still struggled. By my last round of GTOH which I was Clean & Jerking by the way I failed on my 3rd attempt. I was like WTH?!?! Cleaned the bar focused and Jerked the Hell out it! Well that was EASY! Why didn’t I do that the whole time?!? Ha! I have no clue. Then I went on my merry way to struggle on pull ups! Time: 4:48 (NOT GOOD)

Enjoy your hopefully Beautiful MONDAY! It hasn’t been beat down drag ass like Mondays can be so it’s a good day! And remember BE AWESOME.


6 thoughts on “Welcoming the COOLDOWN

  1. First of all, that’s so impressive about the weights thing.. haha.. When me and my BF are working out in our garage and we need to swap out plates for eachother, you can practically see the “???” above our heads as we try and calculate what we need. Now mind you, I used to aspire to be a math teacher, AND I do accounting for a living, so you’d think I’d know a thing or two about numbers. But yeah, that’s hard 😉
    Second.. 100 on the push press! Wow!! My shoulder skills are soo lacking.. yesterday’s workout was horrible as I struggled to get even 2 reps of 60lb overhead presses. So I thought I’d just try and push press them instead. Nope. I think I got one 😛

    Keep being awesome!

    • Well typically at 5 a.m. I CAN’T COUNT, ADD, or ANYTHING! At times I think my Coach is ready to kick me out because I’m so bad with the adding. At 9 in the morning I’m a little better! I’m no Math Whiz but that morning I had some skills!

      As far as the Push Press goes… it’s taken me a year to get to 100lbs! I guess I could barely press the 45lb bar when I started. Thank you for be amped for me. Sometimes I don’t step back and see the big picture. I tend to focus on everyone else and their MONSTER progress, I forget that I too am moving forward even if it’s a snail’s pace :/ Now if you could share your pull up magic I’d be in a really good place!

      • Thanks, Steph!! 🙂 Sooo considering joining a box later this fall..! I’m getting bored with my basic lifting routine and would love guided instruction to kick my butt 😉 Everytime I read your posts, it makes me want to jump on it even more! Except the closest one is about half hour away.. boo.. 😛

      • Yowsers 30 minutes is a trek. I’m like 5 minutes away from mine thank goodness. Hopefully you can at least check it out. Maybe get some programming from them and promise you’ll stop by once or twice a week. I don’t know if that’s even a possibility but it’s a thought at least ツ I do love love love my box.

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