Happy Wednesday

Ya and Halloween too. I dress up for work or any party that I may go too but not a real big celebrator of the day. And I did make the effort to get up on my REST day and go to the BOOM Box dressed up and WOMP WOMP, no one else dressed up! Ah well. C’est la vie!

Skill/Strength: Pull Up Work
Definitely a NEED in my world but so hard for me to WANT to do it and I never put the practice in :/ So we worked on some dead hangs and kipping. I suck at Dead Hangs. Kipping has come for me pretty easily, I just need the PULL UP part. I for sure need to make myself do Pull Up homework.

10/31/12 WOD

MetCon: TABATA of Situps, Mountain Climbers and Strict Press
Situps I don’t mind. Mountain Climbers I despise! and Strict Press to finish it was brutal. We weren’t even halfway through the Mountain Climbers and my right shoulder was fading fast. By the time our rounds for Press were about to start I was toast. RX was 65lbs, my 1RM is 70lbs so I chose to do 55lbs. Should be challenging but not horrible. Uh did I mention BRUTAL already?!? I don’t remember how my rounds broke down, I know for certain I didn’t even get the bar up on one round and I only got 2 reps on another round. We scored this Tabata for total reps and I finished with 26. I really expected more but there just wasn’t MORE!

Food NON-Update: Still a slacker on what to make with pumpkin. Hopefully tonight I’ll get motivated.

It’s a short post today. I know some of y’all are thinkin “WHEW!” hahaha. I’m just happy the bees are gone… we hope. Got a little bit of honey but not a lot considering we could have probably shared with all of DFW. Bee guy takes it all :/ But now hopefully our neighbors won’t hate us. Have a great day. And of course you know the drill – BE AWESOME!

Can’t get over the whole bee thing!


12 thoughts on “Happy Wednesday

  1. Omg brilliant costume … You go 🙂
    Even if noone else dressed up you could just pretend that you are a strong awesome girl in general and that’s how you normally dress… Oh wait! It’s true! (Except I feel safe in saying you don’t wear red lipstick every day)

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