Struggling Today

Having Halloween in the middle of the week is tough on the brain. So much to do and it’s only the middle of the week! Now I feel like it’s FRIDAY or even Saturday and it’s only Thursday. Sorry Thursday for giving you the bad rap today but it’s true. And to top it off it’s NOVEMBER! So not ready for the year to be over. The countdown is on!  At least I got up on time for the BOOM Box, my shoulders were trying to keep me in bed but I just had to say NO to sleeping in and YES to getting my ass kicked.

11/1/12 WOD
Sorry for the blurriness, it was light ink, bad lighting, etc.

MetCon:There was no Skill/Strength portion to today just an extra long warm up and mobility work. But there was a 16 minute AMRAP of 20 lunges and 20 Knee Hugs with a 100 Double Under buy in. I got those DU just fine or so I thought! My rope went bezerko. Only one handle was spinning properly and the other one would turn but felt like it was building up tension because it was all jacked up. It was bad. I was only knocking out 10-15 in a row. Took me almost 3 minutes maybe more to finish. I was not happy. Move on to lunges. I went as fast as I could for each round I did but I felt like that wasn’t going to cut it for the whiteboard standings. Knee Hugs are what dragged me down most. My right hip was on fire and every time I extended my legs out it was super uncomfortable. I’d start out with 6-10 reps each go and then drag way down to 1-2 reps at a time. Just an overall crappy performance. Final: 7 rounds, 20 Lunges, 11 Knee Hugs

Definitely not me and my abs but this was the best image sequence I could find visually describing Knee Hugs.

FOOD REPORT: Instead of making something with the PUMPKIN that is now 3 days old in my fridge I ended up helping one of my kiddos with his school project. So I still got NOTHIN’!

Another short post, who have I become? I hope everyone doesn’t stuff their face on Halloween candy for the next few days. MODERATION folks. Thanks all of you for the Costume love, I did win BEST Costume at work! Woooo! I guess that’s it for today. Be AWESOME!


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