Happy MONDAY y’all!

Yup Monday again. Surprisingly I feel good this Monday morning. I got up a lil earlier than normal and wasn’t RUSHING as much to get to the BOOM Box. I guess taking Friday thru Sunday off was a good thing 🙂


Today’s whiteboard didn’t look too harsh but we all know how that ends up. We started with Max Time L-Sits hanging from the bar. I suck at anything that has to do with that damn pull up bar! After we can no longer hold the L-Sit we were to just dead hang for 1 minute. This idea is supposed to help build a better grip or MAKE YOU CRY.

I’m sure I didn’t look like this, but this is a hanging L-Sit.

At some point the crying should lessen and the grip will strengthen. I’m hoping for that point. It hasn’t arrived yet. I managed to get a Max L-Sit of 16 seconds. Hehehe. Not any sort of greatness there but I’m trying. The dead hangs hurt after you try to hold the L-Sit and my first minute I think I came off the bar twice. My second minute, I’m pretty sure I came off the bar at least 5 times. And I lost count on how many times I dropped from the bar on the 3 minute. It sucked. My hands are not happy hands.

The MetCon looked as if it may be EASY and to my surprise it started out pretty good. Coach saw we weren’t struggling enough so he doubled our reps and that did take a toll. It was 20 minutes of alternating between 8 Hand Release Push Ups (even minutes) and 10 Air Squats (odd minutes). Halfway through we weren’t dying enough so it doubled. 16 HRPUs and 20 Air Squats. Adding 8 extra pushups did the trick. It takes the breath right out of you. In a GOOD way of course. That adds up to 120 HRPUs and 150 Air Squats.

Day 21 Sugar Detox
Wooohoooo it’s the 21st day of the 21-Day Sugar Detox. I’ve survived! I’ve managed and I’ve been successful. As I said last week I’m going through till Friday. Well through Thursday! I had some dessert on Mother’s Day and my kids told me I could eat dessert if I added 3 more days to the Detox. So I did. And NOOO I don’t plan to dive into a cheesecake or anything. Just add fruit back in but in lesser quantities and have a treat every now and then sweetened with honey or maple syrup. Oooh and chocolate. I would like a piece of dark chocolate. That is all 🙂

I encourage y’all to take the plunge. Yes it’s true you won’t feel the greatest in the first few days but YES you will feel GOOD the rest of the time. I still have a couple of days before I weigh to see what if any weight loss benefits I get. I feel lighter, so with that said, weight loss will just be a bonus. I don’t CRAVE the sugary foods anymore. My taste buds don’t salivate at the thought of all those yummy but bad foods. I’ve been PALEO since about October of 2011. SO not too long and definitely not PERFECT all the way but at least the 80/20 ideal if not better 90% of that time. But even being PALEO I let the fruits and Honey and AGAVE NECTAR (which I thought was Paleo) get the best of me. I feel like this did a great help to my sugar addiction. And I know that if I let all those sugars creep back in that I can nip it in the bud before it gets out of control. I’m human, I can’t promise I’ll never eat something sugary again. But I do know that my performance at the Box in general is hindered. I want bigger and better results. Besides keeping at it and pushing hard at my workouts eating clean is the only thing that will help me in the long run.

Hope y’all have a SUPER DUPER MONDAY!

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